As the Director of Adult Daycare Services at Doral Health & Wellness in Brooklyn, please allow me to introduce you to our brand-new state-of-the-art center at 1797 Pitkin Ave.

Doral Health & Wellness comprises four floors and offers the following:

Dialysis Unit; Social Adult Day Care; Comprehensive Medical Services; Urgent Care; Infusion Therapy Services; Ambulatory Surgery Unit; and On-site Pharmacy.

I’d welcome the opportunity to give you a personal tour of our 32,000-square-foot health care center, which we recently completed after three-and-a-half years of construction.

Our vision is to provide comprehensive, integrated medical services to our community in a professional, welcoming environment. As we know, East New York has the second-highest concentration of people with diabetes in the U.S. With that in mind, many of our programs are geared toward managing and living healthy with diabetes.

Our goal is to keep patients out of hospitals. Our “Excel Program” focuses on managing and preventing diabetes, and we offer small-group training sessions and will have RN’s visiting three times per week for blood-pressure readings, check-ups, etc. We will offer Zumba, meditation and chair yoga, cardio kickboxing, music therapy, and technology assistance. Of course, no senior program is complete without Bingo, which, at our facility, we call DiaBingo (Diabetes Bingo)!  We also will schedule weekly trips to Costco, Target, the Brooklyn Museum, etc., and offer a unique program in conjunction with the local culinary school. Our seniors will have access to our Food Café, which is designed for those who want to learn how to prepare and cook healthy food choices.

I am excited to be a part of this community! Before joining Doral, I managed a very busy senior center on the Upper East Side and I understand the importance of these programs to the community and how much they mean to attendees. Creating a culture of family is important to me and I value relationships with the community, which is why I always take time out of my schedule to sit down and talk with our neighbors. Brownsville is also a member of this family, which is why once a week we would like to open our center to all members of our community for events such as Town Halls and Community Board meetings, and job and health fairs.

Please accept my invitation to visit Doral Health & Wellness. I would love to give you a tour and discuss ways we can become more a part of this community.

We are planning a Grand Opening event for seniors and community members on October 3rd . My team and I, and our seniors, would be delighted to see you here! Please let us know if you are available to join us.


Joshua Watkins