DoralAdultDayCareDominoesAlthough games might seem like they are just an entertaining way to spend some time, there’s more to it that meets the eye.

Games aren’t just for bored kids: Playing games can benefit seniors too! Learn why seniors should play games.

How can playing games benefit seniors?

Recreational games can boost your memory, improve critical thinking, and increase your cognitive skills. Improving your memory increases your IQ while making you more aware of your surroundings.

Although playing games can be great mental exercise, they are also entertaining, engaging, and many games require multiple players. Playing a game with another person is a good way to have fun and socialize while you’re improving your brain health.

Play games at Doral Adult Day Care

At Doral Health & Wellness Adult Day Care, seniors always have fun playing dominoes and shoot pool.

Playing dominoes is great because the game bonds you with other people, develops better critical thinking skills,
reduces stress, and improves memory.

Additionally, playing pool is excellent because it improves your focus, betters critical thinking, and boosts your hand-eye coordination.

If you or your loved one is a senior, enroll today and have fun at Doral Health & Wellness Adult Day Care by calling 718-971-1942.