If you don’t know anything about crocheting and knitting, you might just think it’s a calm activity. However, knitting and crocheting is a very stimulating activity that can give you many health benefits. Discover six exciting health benefits of crocheting and knitting.

Six Interesting Health Benefits of Crocheting and Knitting

1. Crocheting and knitting reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s

Crocheting and knitting can be relaxing, but these activities are also cognitive exercises. According to a study, crocheting and knitting can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s by 30 to 50 percent. In addition, learning a stitch technique can slow down or even prevent memory loss.

2. Knitting and crocheting decreases stress and anxiety

If you knit and crochet, your designs can make something simple with repetitive motions or intricate, bold designs. Doing a calm activity, like knitting or crocheting, allows you to focus on repetitive motions can keep your mind off anxious ideas.

3. Crocheting and knitting helps you fall asleep

Crocheting and knitting can be so soothing, you fall asleep. So if you ever have trouble sleeping, you can crochet or knit until you get tired.

4. Knitting and crocheting aids in mindful breathing

Knitting and crocheting can make you mindful of your breathing. During a knitting and crocheting project, some people practice breathing exercises.

5. Crocheting and knitting makes you feel productive

Doing a crocheting and knitting project can make you feel productive. Whether you’re a beginner or expert, you feel a sense of accomplishment after you finish a crocheting or knitting project.

6. Knitting and crocheting can give a sense of community

There are many communities for crocheters and knitters! You can knit or crochet with a friend next to you or communicate in social media groups about your projects. Knitting and crocheting can give you a sense of togetherness through the friends you can make.

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