Dialysis treatment can take hours, and if you have to undergo dialysis treatment, you might get bored. Luckily, there are many ways to stay entertained or productive during your treatment. Here are five activities you can do during your dialysis treatment.

1. Write

Improve your writing with creative fictional stories or journal your life experiences during your dialysis treatment. Creating a fictional story is excellent for your imagination. Expressing your adventures can be therapeutic, as well as a helpful aid to remember important life moments. Bullet journaling can also be an excellent way to get organized, detail-orientated, and artistic all at the same time.What Hobbies Can You Do During Dialysis Treatment

2. Draw

You’ve probably doodled when you were younger, but drawing can be a fun way to pass the time during your dialysis treatment. Practicing drawing can make you become a better artist. Additionally, when you are happy with your work of art, you can share it with loved ones or show them off on your walls at home.

3. Crafting

Knitting and crocheting are calming activities; however, doing these crafts requires paying attention to details. Additionally, crocheting and knitting can reduce stress, help fall asleep, and aids in mindful breathing.

4. Music Therapy

Listen to some music during your ! Music therapy can help you relax and reduce nausea.

5. Brain games

Regular games are entertaining to do, but brain games can improve your mental clarity.

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