The bladder is an organ that stores urine before it is flushed out of the body. Bladder cancer is a common type of cancer that begins in the cells (urothelial cells) that make up the urinary bladder. Urothelial cells are also found in the kidneys and the ureters that connects the kidney and bladder, urothelial cancer can happen in the kidney and ureters too but it is more common in the bladder. Are you searching for urology Brooklyn? Doral Health and Wellness — Men’s Health Center is the best option for you.




Some symptoms of bladder cancer are also symptoms of other medical conditions. But the most common symptoms of bladder cancer can include: 




Bladder cancer begins when the cell in the bladder grows abnormally and form a tumor that invades and destroy normal body tissue.  


These factors may also increase the risk of bladder cancer: 




There are four types of treatment for bladder cancer, which can include: 




Although there is no guarantee that bladder cancer can be prevented, there are ways that you can take to reduce the risk of developing bladder cancer. Which can include: 


Most bladder cancer that are diagnosed at an early stage are highly treatable. But even if cancers are already treated during its early stage, can still recur. For this reason, follow-up tests and check-up is needed even after treatment to ensure that bladder cancer cannot relapse. Looking for a professional urologist Brooklyn? Doral Health and Wellness — Men’s Health Center is the most reputed Health Center that leading the pride.


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