David Lipschitz
President and CEO

David Lipschitz is a leader in multi-specialty health care and disease management. David, an alumnus of LIU, has been very successful over the years in program development in the health care sector. With more than 25 years of experience in the health care sector, including many years as an administrator in the long-term care industry and as the president of the comprehensive home care agency he founded.

David is a progressive thinker who finds solutions to chronic challenges in the health care sector. His vision of comprehensive, integrated health care is what led to the development of Doral.

David’s is also focused on integrating a population-health, and value-based model of care focused on the most vulnerable and costly patients. The program considers health equity, social determinants of health, preventive, and wellness care as a complete integrated solution for better outcomes.

David is well-respected for his program accomplishments and his partnerships with members of the health care community.

David Lipschitz CEO