Neurogenic bladder happens when a person loses control over its bladder due to a brain, spinal cord, or nerve injury. The nerves pass messages back and forth to signal the muscles of the bladder when to hold or release urine. When these nerves are injured, the bladder may not work the way they should.  Are you searching for urology brooklyn? Doral Health and Wellness — Men’s Health Center is the best option for you.




Some of the most possible causes of neurogenic bladder includes: 




The symptoms of neurogenic bladder may differ from person to person. Symptoms is also dependent on the type of nerve damage causing the problem. These symptoms may include: 


Diagnosis and Tests 


If your medical provider thinks that you are suffering from neurogenic bladder, he/she may want to check your brain and spinal cord. He/she may also want to review your medical history and perform some test to better diagnose your condition. 




Treatment for this condition will depend on the cause of neurogenic bladder and prevent kidney damage. The treatments will also focus on the improvement of your quality of life. Your medical provider may also base the treatment on: 

Lifestyle change and medical treatments are also considered when treating neurogenic bladder. 

When the nerve damage is not severe, lifestyle change may be considered as a first step to treating the condition. Patients are encouraged to certain lifestyle changes to control symptoms for neurogenic bladder. This may include: 

When lifestyle change is not enough in controlling your symptoms, your medical provider may already want to try medical treatment for your condition. This may include:  


If you have nervous system disorder, your healthcare provider may already know how to treat your neurogenic bladder. It is also best to be honest when talking to your healthcare provider about your symptoms and condition. Although neurogenic bladder cannot be treated, it can be managed especially if you follow the suggestions of your healthcare provider. Looking for a professional urologist brooklyn? Doral Health and Wellness — Men’s Health Center is the most reputed Health Center that leading the pride.


At Doral Health and Wellness, our team of urologist will work with you in managing your neurogenic bladder dysfunction and your quality of life. To book an appointment, please visit or call 718-DORAL-55. 


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